Energy consumption for anaerobic digestion plants

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking into typical values for anaerobic digestion energy requirements.
The idea is to build a model assessing energy savings and emission reduction for AD processes. On one side I would have to account for biogas production and valorization (be it in the form of heat or electricity); on the other, it is fundamental to also consider energy requirements related to operations such as stirring, heating and sludge pumping.

My question is: does anybody have any hints on how to define energy consumption values for anaerobic digesters? The values would ideally be in the form of [kWh/m3 sludge treated]

Even being pointed towards some technical leaflets could be really useful. Thanks for your help!
I will also post a link to the model I've been developing once it is complete and ready to use. This will actually encompass the water cycle in its entirety, from freshwater abstraction to supply, wastewater collection, treatment and distribution.

Looking forward to your contribution!

Marco Salmistraro