FLOW WATER – it should be really attractive as well beneficial, isn‘t it?

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FLOW WATER - it should be really attractive as well beneficial, isn‘t it?

As part of the brainstorming process in the Global Innovation Outlook (IBM) some time ago, participants were asked a simple hypothetical question: "If you had $10 billion to invest in any water-related startup, what would it be?
The dominating answers was similar to this: "I'd invest in a massive public relations effort," says Lori Armstrong, Global Water Resource Industry manager at Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI). "We have a perception problem with water. People think it's cheap and abundant. We need to pump up the public relations machine and make water a cool cause."

Do you think the same way? If yes, you are kindly welcome to join F ine L iving O n & W ith WATER project!

As a main part of it an effective "Public Relation - Edutainment Machine" (PREM) for Water will be „constructed". PREM will convincingly show how serious is situation with clean drinking water as well water pollution around the world. At the same time FLOW WATER actions will invite and encourage people in different countries to take their personal efforts for changing this situation. We plan to arrange an effective PREM actions: FLOW WATER Trip along European sea coastline this summer, the next FW Trip should be around USA Great Lakes at 2014/2015 by "promotional camper" and by Floating Water Museum at 2015/2016.

Even we are small (but spry :) non-profit entity, hope together we can fill informational gaps about Water!

In addition, PREM should be a fascinating promotional tool promoting different Water related subjects, activities, presenting leading-edge technologies etc. Don't hesitate to use this for your needs :)

For more details please take a look at http://www.gofundme.com/76as30 .

Your attention as well suport is very important for success of FLOW WATER idea!