Fun Facts About Water and Wastewater

Just a fun discussion. If you know of any other water and wastewater facts, please add.

Did you know:

1. A short 5-minute shower uses between 25 - 50 gallons of water. That's a lot of water. That's comparable to washing a load of clothes.

2. To get one inch of water from snow, you need to melt bout 10 inches of snow first.

3.To make one gallon of milk, a cow must drink four gallons of water.

4.About two-thirds of the water we use at home occurs in our bathroom.

5.In older toilets, three gallons of clean water gets used with every flush. But in newer toilets, as little as one gallon gets flushed.

6.About 97% of the Earth's water is undrinkable. And another two percent is tied up in glaciers and ice caps. And the remaining one percent is left for our own needs.