Future frontiers in Agtech & Geospatial technologies

As one of the participants and also as a  speaker  at Geo Smart Asia 2016, I had a great opportunity to learn about many new technologies and keep myself abreast on the current and future trends particularly in Agtech, so here is my two cents worth on Future frontiers in Agtech

An amazing array of avenues in agriculture for the application of geospatial technologies was on showcase at the exhibition. Given below is a summary of key discussions points and some ideas for moving forward.

GeoAgri 2016, Kuala Lumpur witnessed some interesting discussions that enlightened the participants about the growing applications of geospatial technologies in agriculture and plantation sectors and also many questions that need to be answered as the industry is still evolving globally.

Overall, GeoAgri 2016 served as a wonderful platform for diverse participants representing the technology developers, private companies managing large plantations (mainly palm oil), senior officials from Government agencies focusing on technology and innovation from different countries in Asia Pacific, certification bodies, representatives from academia and research institutions, civil society organizations, and agri-food industry experts from Asia and across the world to share their perspectives and foster mutual learning. 

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