Has anyone used this report? - Water for Power

Hi all, I came across this report and was wondering if any of you had purchased it and if you would recommend it to others?


" Overview

Capacity of coal fired plants using wet FGD scrubbers in China 1990-2013

Global demand for energy is accelerating. Between 2013 and 2035, the International Energy Agency predicts that 5,890 GW of capacity will be needed to meet growing demands and this will require $9.7 trillion of investment in new power stations.

Water and power are inextricably linked. Water is the ‘working fluid' for the thermal power industry - the largest industrial user of water in the world - so it goes without saying that this growth will create huge global opportunities for the water sector.

On top of a growing demand for energy, stricter environmental regulations globally and increasing water scarcity will open up huge avenues of opportunity for the water and wastewater sector. The thermal power industry will invest increasingly in water and wastewater treatment and services - such as chemicals, outsourcing and mobile treatment.

Water for Power will guide you through the best opportunities in water treatment and services for the fossil fuel and nuclear power industry - the report will investigate global trends and geographical market drivers; it will highlight the biggest growth regions and show you exactly how to break into these markets. We show you how the energy mix will shape future markets and affect investments, forecasting the best prospects for your business in this rapidly growing sector. "

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