How much total suspended solids(TSS) comes from Aeration tank after processing and secondary clarifier inlet

Hello everyone, can some one tell me how much total suspended solids(TSS) comesfrom Aeration tank after processing? and secondary clarifier inlet.

example:ETP Inlet parameters

Flow 100 m3/hr

BOD = 1000PPM

COD = 2000PPM

TSS = 2000PPM

Let me know the outlet parameters BOD,COD and TSSof after

1.After primary clarifier

Types of biological systems

2.After activated sludge process( MLSS 3500 PPM)

3.After extended aeration process(MLSS 3500 PPM)

4.After MBBRaeration process(MLSS 6000 PPM)

5.After SAFFaeration process(MLSS 6000 PPM)

6.After SBR aeration process(MLSS 8000 PPM)

7.After MBR aeration process(MLSS 12000 PPM)

8.secondary clarifier inlet

9.secondary clarifier outlet...

Please let know the answers its so very important to know