Human resource management in a large desalination plant

Human resource management in a large desalination plant

Hello everybody

Regarding the management and training of different layers of operating human resources of a giant RO desalination plant, different concepts are welcomed.

In one hand, some authorities believe that operators of each unit of a huge desalination plant ( DAF, GMDF, RO, remineralization etc. ) shall be trained and used dedicatedly from other units. In other words, each unit needs its own operators since it is complete and large enough. On the other hand, some others think that operators shall be shifted throughout the different unit to be experienced enough to be able to operate different parts of a desalination plane. 

What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of the methods above?

Moreover, since there are different layers of human resources dealing with the operation of a large desalination plant ( operating manager, unit manager, shift supervisors, labors etc. ), one concept is acquiring some workers through construction phase to get well familiar with operation and environment and comment on probable construction faults in operational point of view? What is your idea about this concept? What operating human resources layers should be hired sooner and what layers should be added througha pre-commissioning phase?