"I'm only interested in saving Orangutans"

At a recent event where I was giving out water saving devices and explaining how they work, a young student said. "I don't see why I need to care about saving water. I'm only interested in saving Orangutans." Makes me wonder about our system of education across the world and how we are breeding generations who are oblivious to how much inter-connection there is in the real world out there. There is a general tendency tocompartmentalise topicsas though one domain alone can solve the world's problems. If there is one thing that this topic of the water-energy nexus can teach us, it is about how one can affect the other. Neither problem can be solved in isolation. It requires people from varying backgrounds to come together and work towards solutions. But this is not always easy.is it? What challenges have you faced when you've tried to work with people from differing areas of expertise?