International Energy Agency (IEA) projects Water Demand for Energy to Double by 2035

A recent article on National Geographic reports thatthe water consumed for energy production is set to increase from 66 billion cubic meters (bcm) today to 135 bcm annually by 2035 if current policies remain in place.The IEA estimates that is'an amount equal to the residential water use of every person in the United States over three years, or 90 days' discharge of the Mississippi River. It would be four times the volume of the largest U.S. reservoir, Hoover Dam's Lake Mead.'

The article also mentions that although 'fracking' might grab headlines, it is expected to have a relatively small future impact. Demand will be driven primarilybycoal-fired power plants and 30 percent would be due to biofuel production. Nuclear is likely to fall from 5 to 3 percent worldwide. Of course, not everyone agrees with these projections. Read the original article @

There is also a very interesting quiz mentioned in the article. Go ahead, test your knowledge on the water-energy nexus