International World Water Day Friendship Tournament

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A World Water Day Friendship Tournament will be held on 21stMarch 20013 by the German, Japanese and Australian Development Cooperation together with Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy and Edusport Foundation who will come on board as sports partners.

The theme for this year's tournament is "The secret to my clean hand: Soap and Water".WWD

8 Underprivileged boys and girls between 14 and 15 years willparticipate in the one day tournament including 2 teams of children with disabilities. Using the popularity of football as a mobilizing element, the objective is to provide young people with an opportunity tolearn about health and hygiene issues related to water.This includes hand washing with soap as well as safe water use and toilet usage among other key issues.

The older youth and adults also receive information on HIV/AIDS. At the same time, the event aims to increase momentum for the aforementioned among Zambian Water sector institutions.

GIZ, Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy and EduSport Foundation have been organizing this tournament annually since 2009. While it was implemented within the scope of the supranational Youth Development through Football (YDF) project funded by the German Government and the European Union in the first years. In Zambia the YDF project focused on "Health and Hygiene promotion through football", supporting socially disadvantaged boys and girls in 4 provinces. Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy and EduSport Foundation were the sports partners involved in implementing the YDF project in Zambia.

The event is now being organized independently by the GIZ Water Sector Reform Program, its partners, EduSport and Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy building upon the YDF approach and experiences.

EduSport is a Zambia NGO that seeks to empower poor communities in peri-urban through their active participation in sport, integrated into the broader framework of human and social development goals. Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy uses football for development at grassroots level incorporating messages into a social game.

The joint activities over the last years have led to increased awareness on key issues that include; Health, Hygiene and institutional change at community and individual level.

We look forward to hosting a successful World Water Day Friendship tournament and the children will gain knowledge through the educational programs that have been planned.