Good Afternoon to you all members of the water and sanitation group. Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Malanga Jeff and I write to you all from LifeSkills Development Foundation and Breakthrough Chiparamba Sports Academy. I have been selected as the moderator for the water and sanitation. I am glad to be a part of this and I looking forward to working with all the members of the group as well as learning from you all so that we can bring the issue of water and sanitation to the global agenda. As a brief background of our work we have been involved in the water and sanitation sector since 2003 through our work involvement in the following projects. Our approach has to utilize the power of sport and play to disseminate information, raise awareness and promote sustainable sanitation. Various studies have illustrated that using recreation, sports and play to engage young people and offers viable alternatives to risky behaviour. Sports and recreation will be used to mitigate water sanitation and Hygiene. Our work is based on the premise that safe sanitation and access to clean water is a human right that has to be recognized and practiced. Behaviour change is vital to improving and combating access to clean water, provision of safe sanitation and Hygiene. For us to provide access to clean water and sustainable sanitation there is need for partnership building and networking at all levels. At service provider level it should foster shared learning and opportunities, which contribute to the organizational development. At a strategy level, the projects, NGO’s, corporate companies should involve participation of relevant government departments and stakeholders which results in building a strong case in the field. At implementation level service providers facilitate participatory community processes which allows for community ownership of the project and results in sustainability. In conclusion I hope to share my knowledge and experiences and most importantly learn from other projects, NGO’s and all the different stakeholders so that we can raise awareness and contribute to not only achieving the MDG’s but provide safe sanitation and access to clean water.