Is Desalination the Answer?

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Chris Nelder reports onthe challenges and the solutions discussed at theInternational Water Summitin Abu Dhabi in Jan 2013. The International Water Summit was held in conjunction with theWorld Future Energy Summitand the slogan was "Bringing the water-energy nexus to life". Being rich in fossil fuels, the countries of the Middle East depend extensively on oil and natural gas powered desalination for their water supply. However, with rapidly rising demand and some countries like Abu Dhabi consuming ‘about 26 times as much water as it gets in rainfall,' it implies millions of dollars in lost revenue. Per capita consumption in Abu Dhabi is said to range from 330-550 litres per day. (To give you a better perspective, per capita consumption in the UK is said to be 150 litres per day and this is already higher than in many countries of the world!) The article provides interesting insights on several countries in the Middle East and the way they function. In addition, it also highlights cultural factors that influence with the way water and energy are used. Read more @