Israel's IDE unveils suit of technological innovations for India

New Delhi : Israel-based global desalination major IDE Technologies recently unveiled a suit of innovations before leading Indian water companies and consultants. The company organised a technical seminar to present its latest technological advancements in large-sized thermal and reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants.

The technological advancements included pressure center concept, which helps in bringing down specific power consumption of large-size reverse osmosis (RO) facilities and 16" RO membranes in a vertical arrangement.

IDE Technologies, already well established in the Indian desalination market, is looking to further expand in the country as several coastal states mull desalination as an option to shore up water supply. The company counts Reliance, Essar, EID Parry, Sanghi Industries, among several others as its customers in India.

During the seminar, IDE India Vice President (Technology) Sunil Bhargava made a presentation on Progreen, an innovative green approach in RO which eliminates the use of chemicals in pre-treatment and cleaning of RO membranes during operation of plants.

Bhargava said Progreen helped reduce maintenance and personnel costs and also reduced energy consumption. Also, since no chemicals were required, it was a uniquely ecological green pre-treatment & RO process.

IDE India Head-Marketing Sanjeev Sharma said that the 16" RO membranes in a vertical arrangement reduced the footprint area of large size RO plants by almost 25-30 per cent.

Sharma, who gave a corporate presentation on IDE Technologies,also spoke about the pipe jacking method for intake & outfall, which eliminates the danger to coastal ecology etc.

IDE Technologies is a leading desalination technologies company with more than 400 units operations in 40 countries over last four decades. The company introduced thermal technologies like MED (multi effect distillation) and MVC (mechanical vapor compression).

In India, the company's last major project in the municipal space is the 100 million liter per day (MLD) desalination plant at Nemmeli, for which it had joined hands with local major VA Tech Wabag.