Joule's patented technology converts sunlight+waste CO2+waste H20 into fuel

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Seems like science fiction but Joule unlimited has apparently found a way to create liquid hydrocarbons directly from sunlight, waste carbon di-oxide and waste water. In April this year, the company was named 2013 New Energy Pioneer by Bloomberg. an annual award that recognizes game-changing companies in the field of clean energy. (Read more @

'Unlike biofuel processes that require intermediates such as sugar, algal or agricultural biomass, Joule says it canmake liquid hydrocarbons thatreplace conventional diesel without raw materialsthrough asingle-step, continuous process.

What does Joule use? It engineersphotosynthetic microorganisms thatdirectly synthesize diesel molecules. Themicroorganisms function as biocatalysts that use only sunlight, waste CO2 and wastewater to produce diesel-range hydrocarbons.

This"Helioculture" processproduces more net energy than it consumes and yields sulfur-free, ultra-clean diesel.Joulepredictsit can achieve efficiencies and costs as low as $30 per barrel equivalent'

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