Journalist seeks input for story on safety and security in relation to poor access to sanitation (Africa)

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Hi WASH members,

I am a journalist writing for Grid Arendal  in Norway and working on a story on the safety implications of poor access to sanitation and water in (sub-Saharan) Africa. In South Africa ( where I am based), going to the toilet in informal settlements and areas where people rely on communal facilities can be a matter of life and death. Women are being raped, children murdered, and others robbed. Similar situations apply to some of the slums in and around Nairobi, Lagos, and other large cities.

I am looking to interview experts/ researchers/ civil society organisations who can tell me more about this (trends, stats, developments, who is most affected and why, implications for society and health, etc), organisations who are working towards solutions, and people who have an idea of what the solution can/could be. I am also interested in hearing about the best practices from other parts of the world. The focus should be pan-African (not South Africa). Thanks so much! Miriam /   / +27 72 882 2852