Journey of Two Raindrops - The Story of Water Management

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The water you take from the city grid, originally is made up of the crystal clear rain drops, once just poured on your premises, and elsewhere on the urban areas, city surrounding and hinterlands.The naturally occurring sources of fresh water are well demonstrated on the Hydrologic Water Cycle Diagram (embedded herein,) made up from the precipitations gracing to lands from the sky. However, in this diagram only the natural parts of the water cycle is demonstrated, without showing the humans interference therein, from winch the city-water pipe lines reach at the door steps: Although,this could have been modified, making another diagram, as an addendum to this diagram for showing the water cycle caused by the humans activities and interference.

You have all noticed surface runoffs from your housing and on the urban areas, picking up and spreading all sorts of pollution - if lucky enough not turning into city floods, due to impervious pavings all over - running violently into the combined sewers, the technology malady followed by many countries and still in practice:

"A combined sewer is a sewage collection system of pipes and tunnels designed to also collect surface runoff. Combined sewers can cause serious water pollution problems during combined sewer overflow (CSO) events when wet weather flows exceed the sewage treatment plant capacity. This type of sewer design is no longer used in building new communities (because current design separates sanitary sewers from runoff), but many older cities continue to operate combined sewers.

You may refer to the following post, accompanied with comments, as well in this regards:

"I wonder where in the course of history, the unwise-sinful combined sewer systems routing both sewage and storm water into common networks of pipes was first adopted."

Yes, that is a fact that right-on-the-spot crystal clear rainwater, unharvested, mixes up with all sorts of pollution, including humans and animals eliminations, pesticides, harmful chemicals, etc. entering into sewage treatment plants, in the next step. There, cross your fingers, with utmost care and through various steps of vigorous technologies, the potable water out, entering the city-water grid could have the same quality of the original rainwater, precipitated on premises. But there is a hidden fact that the potable water out, entering the piping grid systems, will be picking up all sorts of compositions from corrosion process, from piping system, while flowing towards your premises."

The following two links may be needed to explore for highlighting the existence of compositions of corrosion:

Health Effects of Drinking Demineralized Water

HEALTH RISKS FROM DRINKING DEMINERALISED WATER Frantisek Kozisek National Institute of Public Health Czech Republic.

"Isn't that a long lengthy and very expensive journey for the the rainwater, which otherwise could have been harvested at ones' premises, which is technologically quite feasible and rewarding, following the practice by, in which the inhabitants are all living with the harvested rainwater, not connected to the city-water grid. Also, all those neighboring people buying the treated harvested rainwater, from CHOOSERAIN.COM, in biodegradable bottles are quite wise and are having a much healthier potable water. In this scenario the crystal clear rain drops take a very short journey, on the premise, harvested therein, not contaminated by all those mentioned pollution experienced if running off the premise. The following is a brief report on what is going on on at CHOOSERAIN"

"Living on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Eastern Florida. The prevailing winds come from the East bringing our rainfall from over the Atlantic as its source. It does not travel over land to gain any pollution and we have no factories in the area polluting the air.

Rainfall is harvested off of a clean metal roof which flows into gutters and downspouts. A diverter captures the first rainfall and discards it. The remaining rain flows through a sediment filter which would remove 98% of the sediment before it goes into my 17,000 gallon cement cistern.

The cistern and now serves as a well full of fresh rainwater. The water is recirculated in the cistern each night injecting ozone to begin the purification process.

On demand, water is pulled from the cistern, passed through a carbon filter, through a 20 micron and then an absolute one micron particulate filter before passing through an ultraviolet light for final purification. It then goes through a series of .5 µm ceramic filters to complete the filtration process. It is then plumbed directly into the home. No Chlorine or other harsh chemicals is applied.

The harvested rainwater tests at 6.5pH but actually seems to increase in alkalinity to 6.8pH due to exposure to the concrete cistern.

People come to the home to fill their 5 gallon jugs with the treated harvested water because it is the best water in the county."

"Choose Rain's Bio-D Bottles goes away by the time your newborn is in kindergarten."

"Choose Rain's Bio-D Bottles goes away by the time your newborn is in kindergarten."

Now, that is your turn judging and commenting "on the Humans Negligence on the Water Management, in the Course of History!" I bet you, after reading this article, many will opt for the investment on the rainwater harvesting, although the following petition didn't fulfilled:

"Hoping the important petition to be floated again, which didn't meet the signature requirements."

There are many quite believing in the application of the rainwater harvesting measures to alleviate the current shortage of water supplies worldwide. Hoping the following discussion on Linked-in is restarted again, and the petition is posted afresh:

important petition:
stimulate the rainwater-harvesting industry, to convert this underutilized resource into a job-creating economic engine.


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