Know any good/bad/ugly stories about corruption in the water sector?

The Water Integrity Network (WIN) and partners (Cap-Net, IWMI, GWP, UNESCO-IHE, GIZ, WGF, TI) are looking for evidence-based information on integrity issues in water sector. See below for more information:

Flagship Publication on Water Integrity
What is it about?

What: A compendium of issues and cases for evidence based advocacy for water integrity

Why: • Demand stated by various stakeholders in the 1st Water Integrity Forum 2013
• Because water as a resource and its sector is vulnerable to corruption
• To support building the case for integrity in the Sustainable Development Goal process

Who: A collaborative approach between 8 institutional partners

What for: • To become a guiding document for stakeholder groups for evidence based advocacy and policy formation
• To develop common language on integrity
• To fill knowledge gaps on integrity and corruption in water sector
• To increase recognition of integrity within the Sustainable Development Goals

Content and Themes covered :
Integrity issues in subjects areas: river basins, food, energy, environment, trans-boundary
disputes, climate change, WASH, tools, monitoring, advocacy, policies, laws, capacity building,
gender, ICT etc.

Outcomes: • An illustrative publication (approx. 200 pages)
• Interactive online literature data base (free access)
• Online articles, briefs, papers
• Animated Video

How can you help?
Share Knowledge: Through stories, cases, data and facts on corruption in water sector underpinned with evidence Share good practices, experiences from your projects that strengthen Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP).
We seek material not easily available and accessible on public space

Promote the Publication In events, forums, organizations, conferences, websites, workshops etc.

If you want to share with us valuable knowledge; data or/and support the publication
process, please contact us:
Marta Rychlewski:
Kiran Pereira:

Or by post:
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