Lack of water and sanitation hurts women and girls the most

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Access to safedrinkingwater,sanitationand hygieneis thekey element of the life. Anyone who travels tocountries without running wateror goes on a backcountry camping trip becomes painfully aware of water's importance.

It is the reason plumbers are so valued in wealthy countries. After all,who wants to live without a functioningtoilet? Yet for 2.5 billion people, a toiletof any kindis but a dream. And for 768 million people, safe drinking water is out of reach.

Most of thesepeople are women and girls.

Lifewithout these services isalifeofpoor health, nutrition, educationand employment.It is a life of walking long distances to collect water, which takes an estimated 26% of women's time in rural Africa, 40 billion hours total each year;a life of missing school, work, and playtime because, in many cultures, bringing water home is theonlypriority for women and girls.

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