Lower Mekong dams – A threat for the downstream ecosystem, food secuity, and economy

A series of hydropower dams are proposed for the Lower Mekong river, while China is already heavily damming the Upper Mekong. Like for many other river basins, the dams will block the passage of migratory fish thus leading to severe negative consequences to the food security of the downstream countries whose diet (and economy) is based on fish. Moreover, the consequences in terms of altered river flow and barrier to sediment transport will also have to be considered. At the moment, the decision on the Lower Mekong damming is on hold, but serious environmental assessment studies and a thorough political discussion should be undertaken. This article gives some good insights on the issue: http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=107947 Are you aware of some research/studies or any insight on the Lower Mekong challenge? Or could you cite other similar examples and/or lessons learnt?