Manual Well Pump Setting Unbelievable Records

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Well WaterBoy Products continues to set unbelievable records with the all-new WaterBuck Pump. Pumping volumes of water from shallow and deep wells under human power is now possible and made easy with unconventional mechanics. The machine is very robust, weighs in at 192 kg and is made for up to 4 operators. Just one fit operator can pump 83 liters in one minute from a static water level of 24.3 meters with a 4-inch cylinder. With a larger cylinder, shallow wells can yield as much as 208 liters a minute with just one operator.

Here is a video of 83 liters being pumped in just one minute.

These test results are minimal compared to what can be done with this machine with 2 to 4 operators and twin cylinders. Current pump test specifications are a 4" cylinder, 3/4″ sucker rod, 16" stroke with 3.29 liters per stroke. More than 19 liters of water is delivered with only 6 strokes.

A heavyweight manual pump like the WaterBuck will be a great asset for developing countries and in areas where the water table is dropping beyond the reach of existing hand pumps. With the mechanical advantage of this pump, we anticipate reaching depths of 213 meters and beyond. We hope to make this pump available for developing countries. Any advice is appreciated.

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