Vortex Layer Device is designed for large and small farms. For example, a small farm has about 500 pigs.

It is equipped with a high pressure washing of manure and a reservoir with a pump, that forms 3-5 m3 of sewage a day, which is exported 2 to 3 times a week to random places. Sewage is not analyzed, their consistency varies within a wide range


The manure processing provides:

-neutralization of manure.

-separation of water and solid fraction.

-solid manure fraction is stored on a solid manure pad for drying and subsequent use as a fertilizer.

-draining of purified water into a receiving pit for organic irrigation.

-Reduction of transportation costs.


The line is equipped in accordance with the farm size and a minimum of pipelines.The equipment can be transported and used anywhere. The cleaning system works as follows.


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