Market research on business opportunities in sustainable sanitation and water management

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Dear Friends,

Water, sanitation and resource management constitutes an increasing and pressing global problem.The challenges in the sector are enormous and neither big existing industries nor development aid alone will be able to solve the problems. We at Ecosan Services Foundation along with our net working partners are trying to start with a program focussed on empowering young and energetic people to link sustainable ideas with business competence and expertise in the international water, sanitation and resource management sector.

We have developed a market survey to understand the need of the private sector actions in the field of sustainable sanitation and water management. As practitioners and experts in this field,we will be grateful if you take 5 min from your busy day to go through this survey. it have 9 questions and most of them are choice based .

You can find the survey at

Please try to give your valuable opinions and suggestions . This will help us in developing the course module fit for the aspirant entrepreneurs in sustainable sanitation and water management.

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Sreevidya Satish