Michigan Beer Company Legally Challenges Tar Sands Pipeline for Water Pollution

How could Bell's Brewery, which claims to be the oldest and largest beer maker in Michigan, wound the tar sands pipeline industry (and other leak prone pipelines, which is almost all of them) with a lawsuit filed over clean-up measures related to the infamous 2010 Enbridge sludge oil spill (the largest of its kind to date in the US relating to tar sands oil)?

According toClean Technica:

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the lawsuit, let's note for the record that the beer fromBell's Breweryis not affected bythe Enbridge Pipeline spill, since the company's Comstock brewery uses the municipal water system. However, the company became concerned about the latest phase of Enbridge's cleanup work, which involved constructing a facility to process dredged sediment a few hundred feet from the brewery.