Mineral Composition of Local Drinking Water in Tea-growing Regions

I am working ​with a ​researcher who ​is doing ​sensory ​analysis ​testing on ​different kinds ​of tea ​infusions. ​

The experiment ​will require ​approximations ​of local water ​samples from ​tea-growing ​regions around ​the world, ​especially ​India, China, ​Sri Lanka, ​Japan, and ​Taiwan. ​

To create ​these samples ​in the lab ​environment, we ​are seeking ​information on ​the mineral ​composition (e.​g. Na, Mg, Ca, ​Cl, F, etc.) of ​local drinking ​water in the ​following ​regions:  ​

Does anyone in ​this network ​have tips on ​how to easily ​locate this ​information? ​