Modular water ​treatment ​systems on ​stainless steel ​frames ​

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Modular water ​treatment ​systems on ​stainless steel ​frames ​

Ukrainian ​manufacturer of ​water treatment ​equipment - ​Litech Aqua ТМ (​Novasvit LLC) ​offers to ​thouse ​customers a ​unique solution ​for customers - ​ modular water ​treatment ​systems on ​stainless steel ​frames ​ .

With the help ​of 3D-modeling, ​they create ​unique water ​treatment ​complexes in ​accordance with ​the individual ​request of the ​client.​


The following ​technologies ​can be used in ​the solution:​

- Reverse osmosis systems;

- Ultrafiltration systems;

- Nanofiltration systems;

- Microfiltration systems;

- Water softening plants;

- Deironing ​and de-watering ​plants;​

- Electrodialysis systems;

- Electroionization systems;

- Cartridge filtration
- H OH cationization


Such ​installations ​are easy to ​transport.​

The main ​installation, ​adjustment and ​commissioning ​takes place in ​the production. ​This makes it ​possible to ​customers to ​install and run ​the installation ​without the ​participation ​of  narrow ​specialists.​


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