Monitoring and remote control of control units for wwtp: Which interface do you prefer?

Here, I’d like to ask you, which interface you prefer for monitoring and controlling water treatment remotely.

First, some background. Our company, BONNEL TECHNOLOGIE (, is developing control units for decentralized sewage treatment plants and pump stations. For us, the IoT development and the interconnectivity and monitoring is becoming more and more an issue. We have been one of the first, who introduced a web-based telemetry system via GSM for domestic (4-30 IE/PE) treatment plants in Europe. Anyhow, proprietary systems have a lot of restrictions, and as our control units are more and more used in medium-size wwtp (50-5000 IE/PE), we also get more and more questions like „can we connect SCADA?“ „what about BMS?“. But, we must figure out which technologies are important for the majority of potential users.

Therefore, my question: What are, according to your experience, the most important techniques of remote monitoring and control for control units of decentralized sewage treatment plants and pump stations? BMS? SCADA? HTTP REST as base technology? Wi-Fi, Ethernet or RS485? SMS? Or still proprietary ways of communications?

Thank you, I'm looking forward to your posts!

PS: In case you visit IFAT India 2017, we can discuss the issue directly at the booth of our partner BIBUS.