New Desalination Process to relieve Worldwide Sudden Drought.

New Desalination Process to relieve Worldwide Sudden Drought.

To All Countries Suffering From Lack of Potable Water Around the Whole World.

Seawater Desalination is the solution, however Reverse Osmosis has to be set aside as it is an awfully mentally retarded process.

Appropriate desalination is a direct imitation of natural desalination. It is relying on ionizing air to dissolve water vapor, next de-ionizing air to release collected pure water. Seawater is evaporated at Room Temperature releasing pure water vapor.

Molecules and atoms of air gases (N2, O2, ....) are non-polar consequently they cannot dissolve water molecule as it is polar. Solar winds transmit from our sun huge amounts of electric charges which ionize our air next air dissolves water vapor forming clouds. This drought we are facing is due to the low activity of our sun as a nuclear fusion reactor.

Our equipment materialize this explanation as they consist of an air blower which initiates a stream of air, which will pass through high voltage generators to ionize air, next this air stream is passed through an intensified saline water shower, next it passes through an earthed wire mesh where potable water is separated. Details at

Countries can easily build for themselves rivers with potable water, IT IS OUR LOVING CREATOR who has built for us present rivers, you can easily duplicate the work of OUR LOVING CREATOR.