New irrigation water saving technology for landscaping and agriculture in the middle East countries

The middle East countries is one of the poorest natural water ressources in The world. They use water desalination for house hold needs and for ladscaping. For the agriculture they use specially fossil ground.

Chahtech SA company since April 2012 manufactures and sell worlwide an innovative technology:"The buried diffuser for underground irrigation". This technology several times internationally awarded(UNESCO Internationa Water Prize, Top50 and Top20 Awards of the World Bank Infodev Programm, ALECSO Water Prize, Mediterranean Water Prize Hydrotop.), compared with existing irrigation devices many advantages :

- First:

"The buried diffuser" saves a huge of water: to produce the same weight of wood it uses 2 times less water then drip irrigation. This means that with the same water volume the diffuser produces 3 times more then drip irrigation. This is not a dream it has been verified in famers' field in arid conditions (Tunisia).

-Second :

"The buried diffuser" allows anticipating the irrigation of the crop (trees or cereals: corn, wheat etc). That means that instead of irrigation in spring and summer, the anticipated irrigation is done during autumn and winter when the water is more available especially from dams, rivers and springs. This good way to alleviate the negative effects of drought (like the one this year in USA) and to escape the crops and make it sure and regular although the climate change.


With the buried diffuser, especially for trees plantations, it is possible to inject the water in the deep soil layers of the plantations to be conserved and used (by the trees roots systems) during 3 dry years.

The buried diffuser is useful for landscaping and agriculture. For more informations on the buried diffuser visit the website of Chahtech SA:

Chahtech is seeking distributors in of this technology in the Middle East Countries.