Open Available Groundwater Data

Hi all, I was thinking about this issue.

In The Netherlands we have an open freely available data source for borehole logs, groundwater head time series and surface water head time series (see   and check "grondwater- onderzoek").  

Everyone is free to add new information and use the information available on this website so that it can be used for research purposes. 

In my view groundwater data is scarce in less developed (arid) countries, so that decline in groundwater tables cannot be monitored properly enough. That is why I was wondering: Do other countries have such an open data tool for groundwater and surface water purposes?

Therefore I would like to know from fellow geohydrologists from other countries: how is this arranged in your country?  To what extent do you have access to groundwater data, do you think this is enough for your purpose and would you like to see improvements?

It would be great if we could visualize whether there is a need for more open groundwater data!