Peak Oil is here. Peak Water is near. Join us at EcoloBlue in helping to support the platform!

EcoloBlue is supporting the crowdfunding campaign that commenced Tuesday January 6, 2015 in the "Environment" category of by offering its contributors the exclusive discounts described in the "Perks" sections of their campaign page and business plan.

Climate change from corporate greed is reshaping our planet. We are entering the era of Peak Water and the Water Wars have begun. Join us in building out and the answer to the above can be none of the above. With your support we will produce and propagate a hydroactivist social enterprise platform that will:

Support and you'll be helping yourself, your children, fellow mankind and future generations. In return for your support you'll receive the satisfaction that comes from doing the right thing, our appreciation (to all) and recognition (your option) for making possible, and your choice from a number of what can be tax-deductible perks - including our 100/100/100 Bonus Perk - that each provide a return of value far in excess of your contribution. You will truly be doing well by doing good!