Pre-treatment for desalination

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Hellow everyone. I'm sure all of you have great waste water topics to bounce off of the group. Please don't be shy, this is the best way for all of us to learn more about this very complicated industry.

As for Atlantis Technologies, we build and sell desalination systems. But of course the pre-treatment is critical to the longevity of our system so we have been trying to learn about the appropriate unit operations to put in front of our system. We only know a little bit and trying to learn more.

We've been asked to build a mobile system. We are thinking we will have 2 trailers, one for our desal system and the other for pretreatment. The trailer(s) would be taken to oil/gas waste water ponds and contracted to clean water and dispose of brine.

Since the trailer will see a variety of water, we need to outfit the pre-treatment trailer with a robust array of operations. Right now we are thinking to have electrocoagulation followed by UF/NF filtration or MBR. Our key concerns are iron, organics, boron, and silica removal.

What do you think of this pretreatment protocol and do you know trustworthy suppliers of the systems?