Precautions for using ultrasonic flow meters

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Precautions for using ultrasonic flow meters

1. Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact measuring instrument that can be used to measure fluid flow and large pipe diameter that are difficult to contact and difficult to observe. It does not change the flow of the fluid, does not create pressure loss, and is easy to install.

2. It is possible to measure the flow rate of highly corrosive and non-conductive media.

3, ultrasonic flowmeter has a large measuring range, the diameter of the pipe ranges from 20mm to 5m. 4) Ultrasonic flowmeter can measure various liquid and sewage flows.

4. The volumetric flow measured by the ultrasonic flowmeter is not affected by the thermal properties of the measured fluid such as temperature, pressure, viscosity and density. Can be made in both fixed and portable form.