Purifying eutrophic river waters with integrated floating island

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An integrated floating island system consisted of aquatic vegetation near riversides and mosaic floating island with adsorptive biofilms was constructed to purify eutrophic river water in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. This study indicated that average removal rates for total nitrogen (TN), NH4+-N, NO3−-N NO2−-N, total phosphorus (TP) and chlorophyll a in summer–autumn season were 36.9%, 44.8%, 25.6%, 53.2%, 43.3% and 64.5%, respectively, which were 16.2%, 18.4%, 12.8%, 25.8%, 26.3% and 58.7% higher than those respective values in winter–spring season. In addition, it also effectively reduced the concentrations of total suspended substance (TSS), Escherichia coli and heavy metals.

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