Recovery of milk from churns, cans and tanks

The  best way to treat waste water is to waste less.....  I am involved in two projects for No discharge dairy through'recovery of milk and food-chain approach “White to Green”. 

"As a kid I learned to put the yogurt bottle up side down and we had a special yogurt botlle scraper" 

A large reduction the load of 'milk leftovers' in dairy waste water can come from  better leaking out and scraping. What rest is still a thin layer of milk emulsion, usually removed by cleaning with soap. 

I am looking for a (enzymatic, organic) agent to break the emulsion to obtain a more effective leaking out, for a further reduction of the milk leftovers. If possible made from an organic waste material. What has nature for us available? Of course, they should be easy removable in the cleaning and rinsing cycles.