Regional Sanitation forum

Provision of adequatesanitation facility is a human right but its very unfortunate that more than 1 billion of global population have no access to it.The situation is worst in south Asian region where half of the population have no access to proper toilet facilities and in rural areas people do not have latrine at home and they are forced to defecate in open . Govt have distributed toilet structures and designed public latrines but the latrine structures are poor and there is no such system for their maintenance. There is a need to introduce *Regional sanitation forum* which focuses on

1)Mobilize community towards good sanitation practices

2)Govt of all the 8 countries introduce independent ministries for sanitation and hygiene sector and allocate funds in their annual budget .

3) Appoint district and provincial toilet administrators who ensure provision of accessible toilet facilities to each family.

4)Introduce a sanitation complaint cell in everydistrict where people can register their complaints regarding work done by the sanitation workers.

5)Arrange Annual meetings in which representatives of all the 8 countries of south Asia participate and share their views opinions and suggestions towards further improvement.