Roof water Harvesting at Zimbabwe's tertiary institutions

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In Sub-Sahara, Zimbabwe is experiencing erratic rainfalls and due to the Climate Change Phenomenon there have been a series of abundant rainwater together with horrific drought seasons as well.


This has negatively affected the availability of water for rural and urban Zimbabwean settlements. Also the government is more concerned about development at the expense is such hydrological assets like wetland(s) ecosystems. This has led to the commercialization of water at national level and the right to water access has been gravely compromised because of this. This has led to Zimbabwe charging exorbitant water charges to the users and clean water is rarely available in most settlements and institutions.


This is why,as a student at one of its tertiary institutions, would like to capitalize on the excess rainwater that is likely to fall on Zimbabwe as a result of Climate Change and be able to innovatively establish Roof-Water Harvesting in Tertiary Institutions as an initiative that will augment the water availability.

It will also play a significant role in reducing the Students' fees as less of the students' fees will be channeled torwards water provision expenses. If this is carried out, it will go a long way in ensuring that students' right to water is not violated or compromised. It can also be implemented at grassroots level to assist those drought prone rural & urban settlements that have difficulties in accessing water.

I would appreciate assistance/cooperation from organizations, companies, individuals, governments that would want to partner my organization (Youth Unlimited Trust- Zimbabwe) in initiating and implementing the project in Zimbabwe. Please feel free to get in touch & let's collectively work together in creating a long-lasting and sustainable difference...


Thank you

Mr. Kuda Ronny Makanda