sasrai-Movement Believe Earth Need Something More Than MDGs & SDGs

How the Homo sapiens will start the first morning of 2016? Will they stop one time use, reduce the abuse of resources? Does this morning will bring rationality regarding wild life killing? Do the leaders will have a commitment to bring significant change in their daily life viz food, decoration, different logistics needed to perform their daily work?  Who is the individual or which is the group to start change that ensure peace, dignity, rights and peace for all, end poverty, hunger, disaster, migrant, ensure revival of eco-system?     

What’s the doings of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Morning? How we should design our food, house, mobility and etc? No doubt there are millions of project already been prepared, written, designed. Soon after the declaration of SDGs different organization will placed their project to their donor and fund will be released without delay to achieve the SDGs within time frame.  Everyone is in hurry to kick-start the SDGs implementation. Who is the responsible and answerable for to the point implementation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? In MDGs everything perfectly performed and enormous progress has been achieved. But expert opinion is “Climate change will have a bigger impact on humanity than the Internet has had. The last decade's spate of superstorms, wildfires, heat waves, and droughts has accelerated the public discourse on this topic and lent credence to climatologist Lonnie Thomson's 2010 statement that climate change "represents a clear and present danger to civilization." In June 2015, the Pope declared that action on climate change is a moral issue.”