Saving every drop of water

H'ble P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi gave message to every citizen of India to save every drop of water. Every citizens of India may like to follow his advice. But many ministries & departments of govt. of India & state governments ( like water resources, drainage, revenue, road, mining, forest, local self government, employment generation schemes) are responsible for wastage of water. MoWR & CWC allow construction of dams, canals at govt. cost, but not allow construction of field channels in farmers fields at govt. cost resulting in water use efficiency of about 50 %.


The countries like Australia have water use efficiency (W.U.E.) of about 80 to 90 percent. The major cause of lesser W.U.E. is non construction of field channels in farmer fields by the Govt. at Govt. cost. Other reason is inadequate training by the agriculture department to farmers for best practices to use irrigation water. The other departments like road etc are constructing roads and other structures in the natural water way obstructing natural flow of rain water in natural water ways like rivers and their tributaries. A detailed discussion is available in my article “Lakes and their preservation” available at . Until and unless our prime minister Mr Narendra Modi make corrections in government policies, dream of saving of every drop of water may not come true.