SDesti: An R program for the analysis of benthos data

Please find here an R package for the analysis of benthos data using multivariate regression models (linear, Poisson, Quasipoisson, or Negative Binomial) that I recently developed.

This package selects the adequate model according to the type on data and returns a complete analysis including outputs thata allow to evaluate the quality of the fit and verifying of the model assumpions.

It was designed for any study that aims to identify associations among a group of environmental stressors + natural environmental factors and benthos communities while discounting for joint effects and eventual interactions that the user wants to test for.

SDesti greatly simplifies the analysis of benthos data and is a usefull too for EIA, monitoring and several research themes.

The link provided above grants free access to the article on Ecological Informatics until the 14th of May 2021.

Thank you!