Slope screen manure separator equipment for sale

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Slope Screen Manure Separator for Manure Treatment


Slope Screen Manure Separator adopts stainless steel material. It is suitable for cows, pigs, chickens and other livestock manure, especially suitable for the seperation of water blisters dung, biogas slurry and other raw materials. This equipment has the advantages of thorough solid-liquid seperation, simple operation and long service life.


It has products of liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizer can be used directly for crops. Solid organic fertilizer can be used in the area of lack of fertilizer and can be made into organic compound fertilizer through fermentation. It can be used as a compound fertilizer, and can also play a role in improving the soil structure, which is beneficial to the protection of the environment and can produce great economic benefits.


Performance and Characteristics

1. Net-tube extrusion is designed for fermented wastewater, such as pig farm, chicken farm, duck farm and other high concentration wastewater. Its operation process can maintain a stable moisture content of 40%-60%.

2. Breakthrough foreign technology, filter screen self-production, clearance 0.3-0.75 mm, the most thorough filtration, the most easy post-treatment, the longest service life.

3. Gear type reverse cleaning mechanism and automatic detection.

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