Suggest me a Water Purifier

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I have a bore well water which I am using for drinking and bathing.

TDS mg/L 644
pH 6.0
Ph. Alkalinity as Caco3 mg/L 0
Total Alkalinity as Caco3 mg/L 190
Total Hardness as Caco3 mg/L 220
Calcium as Ca mg/L 61
Magnesium as mg/L 16
Iron as Fe mg/L 0
Manganese mg/L 0
Free Ammonia as NH3 mg/L 0
Nitrite as NO2 mg/L 0
Nitrate as NO3 4
Chloride as Cl mg/L 143
Fluoride as F mg/L 0.1
Sulphate as SO4 mg/L 27
Phosphate as PO4 mg/L 0
Tidys test 4 hrs as O2 mg/L 0.3


Can you please recommend a water purifier for this result?
Is RO really safe? 

Please give your valuable advice.