Summary of HI-MDAP Coordination Call - NOAA Inouye Regional Center - Hawaii

Here, some information regarding the data collection and policy part of their discussion:

Data Collection  

NOAA MDAP promotes a national shoreline monitoring protocol and marine debris tracker app (

An other mobile data collection app will be promoting this September by ICC:  the Clean Swell app (more info on: © Chris Woolaway, Hawai'i State ICC Coordinator

A master student at Hawaii University is analysing ICC data from 2008-current.

No update on the 2015 data from the TransPac race yet.

The entire shoreline of the 8 main Hawaiian Islands were analysed thanks to a Cessna 206 airplane to take high resolution aerial imagery to 2 cm resolution, from large abandoned shipping containers to small plastic detergent bottles. "In the end, we had identified over 20 000 points and were able to map the marine debris hotspots for each island" © Kirsten Moy, Marine Debris Coordinator, Division of Aquatic Resources


A potential hearing in April 2016 for the Styrofoam ban (Bill 140) © Stuart Coleman, Surfrider Hawai'i

For more information you can contact Grace Chon, Marine Debris PIR Assistant Coordinator, NOAA Affiliate, Honolulu

And you ! Have you information to share regarding new data collection and policy in your area ?