SWRO plant sludge management

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download - 2020-04-03T155635.772.jpegThe issue is regarding a SWRO plant located on the shores of Persian Gulf.

The plant consists of coagulation/flocculation/DAF unit followed by DMGF as pretreatment of RO unit. As you might know the sludge formed in units above contains a large quantity of salinity and chemicals ( FeCl3 and Polymer .Since a dramatic amount of sludge is created in the plant on a daily basis, I was wondering if you have any reference or information about its potential to be used somewhere, as fertilizer, filler, construction raw material etc. This way, a catastrophic issue might be tackled because its normal management scheme is burning dewatered sludge followed by discharging in a permitted area.

Sharing your experiences in this regard would be highly appreciated.