"The eSurface Proprietary" = New green semiconductor technology? Newly patented Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Technology

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eSurface® Technologies July 29, 2014 5:34 PM CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

eSurface® Granted Multiple Patents on Its Proprietary Technology

Patents Cover the Key Aspects of the eSurface Proprietary Process for PCBs

eSurface® Granted Multiple Patents on Its Proprietary Technology

. The eSurface® Technologies patented process significantly increases the ability to manufacture PCB and other electronic components, while saving or eliminating the use of tons of toxic chemicals.

eSurface® Technologies, the developer of the eSurface proprietary processfor printed circuit boards, today announced it has been granted two patents by theUnited States Patent and Trademark Office. (This year 2014!)


There is Japan Office, and I recently met Managing Director for the eSurface at Smart City Roundtable.

MD presented theeSurface® Technologies, giving us this technology has a massive potential in greening the manufacturing process (for Chip). It saves water, wastewater, chemicals etc, cutting almost half the conventional manufacturing steps of PCBs.

Why am I asking you to think about it?

Because, when we think of any thing about Smart City, Smart Water, everything that delivers the service to the end user is electronics. eSurface® Technologiesmay offer an excellent alternative to Semiconductor Industry and other electronic industries to mitigate the environmental impacts, while saving time and money and above all, finiteresources.

Full Patent / News is here.