The Innovative Human-Powered Deep Well Pump for the 21st Century

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Well WaterBoy Products, LLC saw the need for an innovative manual deep well pump that could pump volumes of fresh water from deep wells. So they decided to pump up and invent the WaterBuck Pump which is a hand pump unlike any other - a hand pump that exceeds the peak performance of large-diameter windmills in liters per minute. Depths far beyond what could even be considered with a hand pump are now possible with the WaterBuck Pump. It was conceived and designed out of necessity and built for long-term reliability and ease of operation. It is a human-powered, deep-well, water-pumping machine designed and built to meet the demand.

Watch a video demonstration.

The field tests were astounding. After one minute of operation, a 64-year-old woman easily yields 26.5 liters from 24.5 meter static water level. Then after another one minute of operation, a man in his 50's yields 51 liters. The WaterBuck Pump used as a community hand pump has the capacity of up to 7,500 liters an hour depending on the static water level and size of cylinder.

Here is a video demonstration of the 64-year-old woman operating the pump.

Hand pumping volumes of water from deep wells is now possible for anyone, including the elderly, women and children. No wind power, electricity, solar or other micro-grid technology is needed. Using a simple combination of human shape, motion, weight and strength, volumes of water can be pumped from deep water wells quickly and easily.

The WaterBuck Pump can greatly benefit developing countries by providing whole communities with their own water supply system. Water wells that were abandoned because the water table became too deep for common hand pumps can be used again.