The Plastic Ocean, there are still unanswered questions

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The Plastic Ocean, there are still unanswered questions

Dear Water Guardian Experts,

This article from Daniel Cressey, a senior reporter for Nature in London, answers to questions we are all trying to answer:

"Where does it come from ? How much is out there ? Where is it ? What harm does it do ? What should we do ?"

Then, I would like to discuss with all of you on your opinion regarding this.

Especially regarding the mismatch, called here "missing plastic", between the last estimated amount of plastic entering the oceans (4.8 million to 12.7 million tonnes every year according to 2010 data, Jambeck et al. , 2015 ) and the amount actually observed by other researchers with floating plastic ( 93.000 to 236.000 tonnes of microplastic floating in the oceans).

"This last estimate of total surface plastic is just a small fraction of what Jambeck estimated entered the ocean every year. So, where is all the rest ? "That's the big question", says Jambeck."