THE very promising Oryon Watermill! Or not?

Hereby I would like to inform you about a very interesting technique of extracting energy from water flows as rivers, but also tidal energy near the oceans coasts. The technique is called the "Oryon Watermill". It is recently developed by Deepwater-Energy, a small company in the netherlands.

This company already got a lot of requests from all over the world. Noticeable examples are Suriname and Ghana where the technique can be applied in isolated areas to provide electricity to the local population. Some important advantages of the technique are: - Suitable as location energy source - Very attractive because of the very low costs for material, production and maintainance costs. This and more information can be found on their website: Here you can also find a movie which gives a good overview of the technique. The testphase is nearly completed and the results are more-than-promising! Please have a look at the disclosed document and tell me your opinion. What do you think of this technique? And are you convinced of this technique? Or why not?