They know it is Christmas/ Easter: What should have to be the lyrics of Band Aid fundraising song?

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Two decades ago Band Aid/ Bob Geldof sung a song and mobilized millions of cash for famine affected people in Ethiopia. The lyrics of their song was Do they know it is Christmas?

Truly speaking Ethiopians specifically the Christians know about Christmas/Easter for thousands and thousands years.

What really they did not know or not capable of doing was how to use their diverse water sources including River Abay( Blue Nile) for growing food.

If I were Band Aid the lyrics of my fundraising would be: Do they know how to use Abay and other water sources for their development? But I know the risk -I could not get much money.

If I could do it like Band Aid now my resource mobilization phrase might be: Ethiopians are committed and empowered, and know how to use Blue Nile Water but they have limited resources to develop it. Still I know the risk -I might not get much money.

Happy Ethiopia Good Friday and Easter for Ethiopian Christians