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Thanks for accepting me as a member of a group, thanks team development. I would also like to share some recent happenings in the GIS world. GIS Offers Valuable Insight for Managing Water Resources Water is a precious natural resource essential for the survival of life on Earth and when it comes to understanding water - where it is, how much is falling, how to make it work for people - geographic information systems technology (GIS) offers valuable insight.
"When water is a critical resource, so is GIS, and geospatial professionals with advanced expertise in GIS are at the forefront of the water management industry," says Dr. Stephen McElroy, GIS program chair for American Sentinel University. GIS offers vital insight for managing and understanding water resources. McElroy explains that through the use of GIS, all types of enterprise data related to water could be integrated into single, authoritative data structure in which relationships and patterns can be discerned.

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