Time for Water Diplomacy Partnership or Water Diplomacy Think Tank

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How we manage our rivers, and even larger reservoirs of fresh water, is likely to become one of the major technical and political concerns of the next few decades, It can be predicted beyond doubt that as the shortage of water and the absence of Dams and Reservoirs in the region are realized, the politics of water will assume more importance than the politics of oil. We need to act now and act smart it is right time for Water Diplomacy Partnership or Water Diplomacy Think Tank to be creating and share knowledge and build trust for actionable water knowledge that can be shared across countries, regions and platforms to resolve water and energy challenges. I hope in collaboration with international organizations we can alleviate these crises and mitigate negative effects. In this connection we can be assured of most trustworthy partners and stakeholders at different levels need to act upon Water and Energy issue.
It is necessary that the current and future generations of water professionals work together to give continuity to the seniors knowledge and experience while integrating young people's fresh perspectives and techniques, bringing interested citizens and water users together providing a neutral forum focusing on water related issues and challenges, and becoming a part of the solution for long-term water quality improvement and conservation in a non-regulatory way, we need to improving water quality and quantity providing for a clean and healthy future for ourselves and future generations. This is the only way in which efforts can be maximized to reduce the Water and Energy challenges, because saving energy equals saving water. "We can reach those who have not been reached, include those who have not yet been included and listen those who have not been heard" After that we can better manage our water and energy challenges.